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      hi!! only wan%u00b4t to validate, the fields in a flat file; I have a positional delimitated xml, but i wan%u00b4t validate the values in the fields too (than a enter values mask..), for not pertmit incorrect values…
      And finally, i would like to format the output name of the output file…

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      You can specify your own customised data types in the schema.
      [code:1:d13011601c]<xs:simpleType name=\"MyDataType\">
      <xs:restriction base=\"xs:string\">
      <xs:pattern value=\"regular expression\"/>
      <xs:element name=\"MyData\" type=\"MyDataType\"/>

      You can then use the XmlValidator component in the receive pipeline.

      You can also use a map, but this is a bit more complicated.

      To format the output file name you can do the following:
      On the send port set the output file name to %SourceFileName%
      In an orchestration set the output message FILE.ReceivedFileName property to your desired file name
      When your construct the output message add this code to a message assignment shape
      [code:1:d13011601c]OutputMessage(FILE.ReceivedFileName) = \"MyFileName.txt\";[/code:1:d13011601c]

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