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      Hi all,

      I’m new to BizTalk Server 2004. I’m working on an orchestration that receives a message \”msg1\” which has the following nodes:

      I want to use the expression tool to extract the CustomerEmail from \”msg1\” then send an email to him using the \”mailto\” feature.

      I couldn’t find any helpful sites that explains how to do that. I guesss I should use Xpath in the first step then \”mailto\” but I don’t know how to do that!

      Can anyone help.

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      Thanks greg.forsythe. I will try to do what you have suggested. I hope it works.

      In case if it didn’t, can you provide with websites that explain such things using diagrams because it is always easier this way.

      Many Thanks

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        The easiest way is to make the CustomerEmail a distinguished field in the schema.
        Then in the expression shape you can access this data like this:
        strVar = message.CustomerEmail;

        Otherwise you can use the xpath function:
        strVar = xpath(message, \”xpath string\”);

        To specify a destination email address on a dynamic port you set the port address Url:
        portname(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = \”mailto:\” + strVar

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          Try thes sites


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