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      Hi all! I’m a beginer in BizTalk
      I want to use ftp (file Transfer Protocol) to transfer text file (~ 1 MB) from BizTalk Server 1 to BizTalk Server 2 via MSMQ or MSMQT.

      Anyone can give me some guide step by step to complete this problem ? Thank advance!

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      Thanks to Mr Stephen W. Thomas!
      But I have some questions :
      Should I break that file into small messages by orchestration, then transmit messages via MSMQ?
      How to create file from MSMQ messages, whether i need to write an orchestration for doing this?

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        Thanks Mr Stephen W. Thomas!
        I solved my problem with your guides.

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          Here is a general idea of what you need to do:
          1. Create a Receive Port and Location to pick up the file via FTP
          2. Create a Send Port with a Filer on the Receive Port Name to send the file to a local private MSMQ on the other server
          3. Crease a Receive Port and Location on the 2nd Server to pick up the file off the queue

          I would use MSMQ rather then MSMQt – basically because it is just easier to work with.

          Hope this helps.

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            You should be ok with 1 MB files. If you get above 2 MB you might to start having a problem with the queues.

            If you wanted to create a file from a queue message, you just need to have a Send Port filtering on a Receive Location point to that queue.

            Best of luck.

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