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      Hi all,
      I need to send messages with digital signature to my partners. I created a send pipeline with MIME/SMIME encoder and set this send pipeline in my send port.

      However, when i drop a message into the receive location, i will get this error description in the event viewer :

      The data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 1.

      I am also using the MS BizTalk Accelerator for RN 3.0. Anyone knows how to resolve this ?

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        Yes, I am dropping a XML file. I want Biztalk 2004 to create the digital signature…

        If i dont use the MIME/SMINE encoder, I will not get the error. however, my message will not be digitally signed…

        Anyone encounters this error before ? Pls help.

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      Are you dropping XML flie? Which receive pipeline?
      Or are you trying to drop a file that is already signed/encrypted?
      In other words, you are going to let Biztalk create digital signature, or you already have a file with digital signature. In second case, you might need to use PassThru pipeline (but that means Biztalk cannot look inside the message).

      Sounds like Biztalk is expected XML but found none-XML in the file you dropped.

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