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      I have never used the MSI approach. Things are a lot better in 2006.
      I spent about a week creating some VBScripts and document procedures for how to migrate at my last client – so I’m just letting you kinow it’s not always an easy task.

      For example, one thing that everybody seems to gloss over.
      You may have a file drop such as C:\\myDir on your test machine.
      But on the product machine the directory may be called C:\\MyCompany\\Biztalk\\MyDir.

      So you typically have to run BTSDeploy and create binding files, and often edit them manually (or create some utility to do that for you).

      Also, what about Web Services and SQL Connections?
      We used the Host file to redirect WebServices, and we used SQL Client Network utility to redirect database connections.

      Anyway – schedule a lot of time to do it (depending on the complexity of your environment and the number of orchestrations) – and good luck.

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      I was talking about 2004 in my last post. I was just saying it will be much easier in 2006.


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        Hi Everybody! Can anybody explain me how to migrate projects from one machine to another.

        I have installed and configured BTS 2004 on a single machine(machine1), and now I want to install another BTS 2004 on a different machine(machine2). But we have some projects developed on machine1. How can I migrate these projects on machine2, what files I have to save, what databases I have to copy, etc ?

        P.S. BTS2004 installed on machine2 will use domain accounts (DC will be installed apparently). And by the way, if somebody have installation guide of BTS2004 in a multiple environment (not official Microsoft guide, but real working insatallation), please send me to

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          What about migrating in BizTalk 2004?

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            As a starting place, have a look at this article [url][/url] which explains a little about BTSInstaller and the creation of MSInstaller files for the movement of projects/solutions.

            Or article : [url][/url]

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