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      I have the following table structure (quert_table,rowcount,field1, field2, field 3.etc.)

      and a schema –

      – <xsd:element name=\”rfc_read_table\” nillable=\”true\”>
      – <xsd:complexType>
      – <xsd:sequence>
      – <xsd:element name=\”query_table\” nillable=\”true\”>
      <xsd:element name=\”rowcount\” nillable=\”true\” type=\”RFC:long_seq\” />
      <xsd:element name=\”fields\” nillable=\”true\”

      I would like to populate the “fields” sections from the table. But my problem is there are many fields in the table, but only 1 spot to map them in the schema.

      Could any one help me how to do this.


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      If i understand correctly then you want to map all the fields in single child element of your schema.
      Once you use SQL Adapter it will create a scema of your table you just mentioned then you need to use mapper to create mapping of your table’s fields and your schema single fields.
      If your requirement is to mapp all the table fields into a single child element in your schema then you can use String Concat Functoid in the mapper to concat all the fields into single child element.

      If you need any help let me know.

      Naseem Siddiqui

Viewing 1 reply thread
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