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      I have the following table structure (quert_table,rowcount,field1, field2, field 3.etc.)

      and a schema –

      – <xsd:element name=\”rfc_read_table\” nillable=\”true\”>
      – <xsd:complexType>
      – <xsd:sequence>
      – <xsd:element name=\”query_table\” nillable=\”true\”>
      <xsd:element name=\”rowcount\” nillable=\”true\” type=\”RFC:long_seq\” />
      <xsd:element name=\”fields\” nillable=\”true\”

      I would like to populate the “fields” sections from the table. But my problem is there are many fields in the table, but only 1 spot to map them in the schema.

      Could any one help me how to do this?


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      Doesn’t anyone have answer or my question is not clear ?

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