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      I use 2 orchestrations. And one Orchest.X calss the other, Orchest.Y.
      for this, Orchest.Y’s Receive shape must not be Active. So it needs already initialized correlation sets. But how can I make it?

      And what should Correlation Properties be? FILE.ReceivedFileName, SOAP.ProxyPort, SOAP.UserDefined…. or what?



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      1 First, how are you calling Orch-Y from Orch-X.
      Why not just use the \”Call Orchestration\” shape, then it handles all the correlation for you. You can pass your message in the \”orch parms\” sections of the \”Orch Viewer\”.

      2. So I’m guessing you are send a message using \”Direct Binding\”
      and Orch-Y is using the \”Filter Expression\”?

      3. What can’t the first receive in Orch-Y be an activating receive?
      Seems like it would need to be to activate the orchestration.

      4. Orch-Y would not need to know anything about correlation, only Orch-X. You must correlate on some promoted field. Is there some logical key in your data that would be unique? Otherwise, you might have to use a SoapHeader (but that requires a custom pipeline).

      5. Do you call Orch-Y in a loop from Orch-X?

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