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      Using the built-in EDI adapter, is there any message context property that contains the EDI logical address (in the form of EDI://1234567:ZZ:1234567) of the sender of a message?

      I have one receive port with fifteen receive locations. All 15 receive locations are using the EDI adapter and the same EDI X12 document schema and envelope. I need to do routing and corellation based on who the message was from, but that information is getting stripped off before I can use it.

      … no I don’t want to create 15 receive ports and then use the receiveportname as the routing property. I’d really like to do this the same way I use the MSMQ adapter… some kind of party resolution that populates the bts.sourceparty… any hints?

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      DUH…. BTS.InboundTransportLocation is the EDI logical address.

      I should have spotted it immediately given the wonderful description for it on msdn 🙄

      [b:deb600d56e]Identifies the InboundTransportLocation from the original message.[/b:deb600d56e]

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