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      we are using sql adapter of type receive to take data from one db and a sql adapter of type send to insert into other db using stored procedures

      if a parameter to insert into other db comes null at runtime there is error executing other 2nd procedure

      the exception is raised by sql adapter and able to see in event viewer

      but i want to catch exception in orchestration ,i used a scope with a exception handler for system.exception but exception from sql adapter is not catched i want to send a mail if exception occurs

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      Hi Mr. Neal Walters,

      I’ve tried catching a SOAPException, but nothing occurs.
      Maybe I’m missing something, In the catch block, I have an expression shape with the following code:

      [code:1:895a6fe256]System.Diagnostics.EventLog.WriteEntry(\"SQL\", \"Se produjo un error en SQL Server\", System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntryType.Error);[/code:1:895a6fe256]

      Then in my sp, I insert a duplicate key so an error occurs, but my orchestration doesn’t log any error in the event viewer.

      Can you help me, please? 😀

      Saludos. Mauricio.

      Buenos Aires – Argentina

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        Why is it I already catch soapexception but still dont get any exception, but Biztalk is logging it in event viewer?

        any idea or sample, to handle exception thrown by sql adapter.


        Alex Tantiangco

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