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      Hi All,
      I am pretty new to Biztalk and I am rigth now working on a orchestration, I have a lot of maps which I am using inside orchestration. Now Do I need to create different msg types for each one of the maps or I can use the one for all. Because I have one XML msg coming in and its instance is being used in other maps.

      Thanks in advance


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      Within an orchestration a message is immutable, cannot be changed. In otherwords once you have constructed a message it becomes read-only.

      Any incoming message is already constructed and so is read-only and can be used anywhere with the orchestration, there are no synchronisation issues.

      There are potential issues with messages constructed within the orchestration, with one processing path using a message constructed elsewhere. The XLANG/s compiler is fairly good at detecting the use of a message that may not have been constructed before it actually gets used.


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