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      i tried many times to configure biztalk server and it is always the same thing i can’t run the sso server
      i tried with both xp and 2003 server.
      can somebody help me?
      ps:im using sql server 2000 sp 4

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      i have identified the cause of the error,
      \”the name of the computer was not recognised and not mapped to the ip adresse\”.
      sorry if it look a little confusing cause i translated it word by word from french
      the solution was to go to system 32\\drivers\\etc and write the ip adresse and the computer name in the hosts files
      i did that but the result was the same.
      can you help me now.
      i think it is easier now.
      thanks for all.

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        thanks i did it
        thanks for your help.

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          The best thing to do is use Google or MSN Search to find KB’s or blogs on your exact error message. BizTalk 2004 is very difficult to install and without knowing all the factors it could be any number of problems.

          Also, make sure you are following the instruction in the updated installation guide available on Microsoft’s site.

          Hope this helps.

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