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      First time poster here. I have the following straightforward (I think) process I want to implement:

      1.) I have a flat file with a list of comma delimited records. I have created a scheme using the wizard. I think we’re all set there (validate instance works).
      2.) I have a web service that takes a few parameters (of the same values for each record in #1) and inserts a single record into a SQL table using an SP (completed and working).
      3.) All I want to do is take each record in my flat file call the web service for each one (preferably writing an error message to a file if one fails).

      First, I assume I’ll need recoverable interchage processing (because each record will be processed individully), but can someone help me with generating the workflow? Can I do this with a pipeline alone, or do I need an actual orchestration? I think I’d like to use an orchestration, incase my processing gets more complicated later on.

      Can someone tell me in detail what the pipeline/orchestration should look like, or better yet – provide a solution file that does it? I can provide the schema, the web service, and the DDL for the table and SP if necessary. I’ve reveived many resources and msdn articles, but can’t seem to find an example of the exact combination of things I need to accomplish.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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      You may need to debatch the files to only include one record per file and then send the debatched file to web service.

      To send files to web service, you can use SOAP or WSE3 Adapter. For SOAP, add a web reference to your project and create a simple orchestration.

      Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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