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      I m using Sql Adapter for Retrieving the Order From the Database For Particular Supplier. I m using Stored Procedure to retrive the Orders. The stored procedure gives all the Orders.

      The Problem is that the Schema returns only the First Order instead of all the Order for that Supplier.

      I wants that all the Orders should Come in generated XML File.

      What Should be done for retrieving all the Orders?

      Please guide soon.


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      Thanks for replaying

      I have change the minoccurs and MaxOccurs to Unbound. but even its not working.

      And the Stored Procedure Working Fine. It’s returning all the Orders.But In generated XML File It returns only first order.

      So what should be the solutions.


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        But no luck. Still getting single order.
        Even the stored procedure returns 10 orders.
        I have developed the application using following reference.

        Jignesh Darji

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          the example u have refered uses a stored procedure that returns the cutomer detail against a specific customerId, and not the order details of that customer.

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            The Xml is being generated by SQLXML. The only place the schemas are used are if you are doing debatching in the pipeline i.e. the schema has been defined as an Envelope and you are using the XmlDisassembler or you are using the XML Validator component in your pipeline.

            What pipeline are you using, if it is a custom pipeline what are the components.

            Have you set the schema Envelope property to Yes, if so you need to change this to No.

            Otherwise the problem is in the stored procedure/SQLXML code.

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              Do you have a stored procedure that is passed some parameter, which is used to select the orders.

              It may be you are passing the wrong parameter.

              An easy way to find out is to modify your stored procedure and hard code a known good value:
              [code:1:ee64251efc]CREATE PROCEDURE proc_GetCustomer
              (@CustomerId char(5))

              SELECT * FROM Customers
              WHERE CustomerId= 27 FOR XML AUTO, XMLDATA

              Alternative you can Stop the Send port and use the the HAT to view the content of the SQL adapter request message

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                Did you build the schema manually or use the SQL adapter to build it?
                Check your min occurs/max occurs properties on the \”record\” (group elements). Have you tried using SQL profiler to verify that stored proc is running as you expect, the proper parms are being passed, etc…

                Neal Walters

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