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      This is probably a dumb question but:

      I’m trying to call a third party web service from BizTalk 2006. The service returns book title information and has a signature:

      GetTitle(TitleId As String, ByRef ErrText As string ) as TitleInfo

      The web service works fine when tested directly from a assembly.

      Unfortunately the service does not expose schema types.

      I have created:

      – a schema project that imports the web reference.

      This gives me a GetTitle_request and a GetTitle_response Multi-Part message type.

      – a second project containing a bare bones orchestration to test this.

      The orchestration includes:

      – A TitleRequest_Message to instance the GetTitle_request.

      – a message constructor to construct a TitleRequest_Message.

      – a Message Assigment to set the TitleId element (hard coded to \”10\”)

      – a send process

      – a port bound directly to the web service using SOAP transport to the correct URI

      – a receive process bound to the Response

      – a send process to dump the response to file.

      As a new user, I would expect that to be enough to create a valid SOAP request to call the GetTitle method. But the packet sent to the web service is a bare bones XML packet consisting of only an XML header followed by the literal text <string>10</string>. No SOAP method or TitleId element. What am I missing?

      Many Thanks


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      I ran into something similar a few months ago.

      If I remember correctly, at least one of the input to the web service had to come from a BizTalk Message. Must have something to do with constructing the request message.

      Try creating a distinguished field and using that as your input to the web service rather than hard coding it.

      Also, make sure you are constructing the multi-part message BizTalk created for you when you added the web reference. It should have a part for each input parameter. That is what you want to set.

      Not sure it that will work – but I guess it’s worth a try.

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      Hi Brian

      I am experiencing a similar situation. Could you please share the solution if you have found one.



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        first I wouldrecommend you strip the problem down to something very simple if you can – a single call out ot a web service from a simple orchestration. Add a web reference and use the “specify now” option.

        I don’t see any reason why you can’t call out to simple web services with simple types – so can you share your web service signature?

         John D.

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