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      I have installed Biztalk server 2004 on virtual server.

      On the same server Analysis services are installed along with his service pack 3a.

      But HAT is not working on that server and gives me following error

      \”The following error occured while execuing your query:
      ‘ActiveView. ColumnAxis’ is null or not an object\”

      So can you help me to overcome this problem

      Thanks In advance

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      You have told me to run

      [b:8428adc1f7]regsvr32 \”c:\\program files\\common files\\Microsoft shared\\web components\\10\\owc10.dll \”[/b:8428adc1f7]

      on my server, but i am unable to get that DLL infact folder name [b:8428adc1f7]Web Components[/b:8428adc1f7] on my server.

      In order to get that DLL I require to install some more stuff on my server? or tell me indeatil step to install HAT on my server along with its requirements.

      Waiting for your reply

      Thanks in advance

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        You have specified this [b:95bdcde71c]owc10.dll [/b:95bdcde71c] but it present on Windows XP OS but on our virtual server Windows server 2003 is present so we are not able to get that DLL.

        For [b:95bdcde71c]Windows server 2003[/b:95bdcde71c] any other DLL is required?

        Thanks in advance

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          I had this problem and installed owc10.exe which I got from the microsoft site. The dll you want is not included in Server 2003 so yoou have to get it from elsewhere ie microsoft. Installing the exe didnt cause me any problems but I would make a copy of the vm before you start just in case

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