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      Hey everyone, I have a problem in which I have to move ftp files from 4 different folder locations out to various different file locations. It’s almost like a Content Based Routing solution, but I have to send my self an email listing all the files that were moved when my orchestration runs and moves files. I’ve got this all working, except the fact that I can only get my orchestration to send 1 email per 1 file it moves. Now since I have 4 different FTP receive locations, 4 instances of my orchestration get fired every time files get moved. Is there some sort of \”way\” I can get all the file names consolidated into 1 place so I can send out 1 email with all the files that were moved by all the instances at the given time? I’m relatively new to BizTalk, so I need some guidance. Suggestions and comments are both welcome. Thanks!


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      I should’ve stated my situation a bit better. I have 4 ftp receive locations, all of which are monitoring the same ftp, but each location monitors different folders. There will be a variable number of files in each folder that is being monitored. So I could have a variable number of orchestration instances being spawned at 1 time. I was actually thinking about storing the names in a SQL table, I was just trying to see if there was a \”more graceful\” way to go about doing this, but I don’t forsee any. Thanks for the reply!

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        Have you thought of putting the file names into a table and then running a process every once in a while to pull them out and send the email? We did something like that on a past project.

        Otherwise, might be able to use untyped messages (messages without a defined schema) to process all 4 messages in a convoy inside one Orchestration. That kind of adds a lot of extra work though.

        Will you always have 4 messages? If so, maybe your 4 Orchestrations could send a “done” message with the file name to another Orchestration that is waiting to get all the messages before it sends an email?

        Just some thoughts. Hope this helps.

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