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      hai friends,
      I want to know whether i can get back the source file which has disappeared from the in folder and did not reach its destination due to some problem in the structure or data type of the source file.
      I looked in the event log which tells the error but does not tell the name of the file
      In my project,is it possible to save all the files which has not reached its destination?

      thanks in advance for your help.

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      thank u very much for your reply.

      I was able to save the file suspended manually to my disk.
      Can u tell me,is it possible to do this automatically .That is,detecting all the file suspended automatically and sending to a folder in the disk.


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        thank u for your reply.
        I tried the exemple that u gave me in the lien.It gives me the error message but it does not give the the source file which has disappeared from the input folder.It gives the file in the format destination schema.

        is it possible to get the source file?


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          It gives me the error which has blocked the source file to reach its destination.That is what i want.
          In addition to that,i want my source file also to correct the mistakes manually and put in the input folder.

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            If the file was picked up by biztalk, but failed processing, it should normally have been suspended, so you should be able to use HAT to find the message and save it as a file to disk again.

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              Both are possible to do using WMI. here are a couple of samples that can get you started:


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                Which one is causing problems, and what is the error? (detailed error/exception message would help)

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                  Not sure what it is you mean there. I don’t think either example does exactly what you want, but if you modify the one tha captures the WMI instance suspended event with code similar to the one that extracts the message, you should be able to accomplish what you want. Did you try doing that, or did you simply used them as they were?

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