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      I am a beginner in BizTalk and want to ask the possibilities of maybe use BizTalk as a sort of SAP datalayer to a sql server db and from there get information via msquery in excel.

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      You can save an Excel worksheet as XML and then see how the schema is constructed.

      I have transformed Raw XML to Excel XML with an XSLT that I wrote, but not using Biztalk, however it should be possible.

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        Well, it really all depends on what exactly you want to do.

        Biztalk can integration with SAP through the SAP Adapter. That will be included with Biztalk 2006. Also, integration with SQL is built in through the SQL Adapter.

        So, it would really be a matter of getting the data out of SAP via the adapter, mapping it, and putting it into SQL.

        I do not know of an Excel Adapter. You might have to export the data as a csv or something Excel can import.

        Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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