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      I have a flat file, with header,body and end file.. the header and end file, are only ones, but the body have some records.. How i can to read all the records in the body? only i have one header and end file… I want too, if all the validate property fields in the flat are right, and depend their values, build other message, and if not right, build a error message; finally, i want to insert the right values in a sql database.. Can something to help me?
      Sorry by my english

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      It might help to take a look at some of the flat file samples and the video I have on this site.

      Basically, you need to define three schemas and set this inside the flat file disassembler.

      Your header and trailer validation is a little more tricky. If the file was smaller (less then 5 MB or so) I’d probably put the whole message into an Orchestration and run your validation. Otherwise, in the past I have put .net components that I called from the Orchestration to run extensive header trailer validation for larger file.

      Hope this helps.

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