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      I have used biztalk orchestration for the purpose of inserting order from one database to other database. Order consists of some data and attachment. In attachment number of file are present.

      I am able to enter order from one database to another database. But stuck with problem of transferring files from one database to another database. Does anybody knows how to transfer from one database to another database using biztalk orchestration?

      Thanks in advance

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      Sorry guys,

      In above posted issue i have mentioned that we want to transfer file from one database to another database…Here i want to correct my mistake that i want to transfer files from one location to another location regardless of its content.

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        hi Stephen,

        We have multiple files to be transfer, so is it work for the same?

        Can you just tell me how to add FILE adapter without using orchestration?


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          but we want input path and output path both to be taken from a database and both from different database so path to folders will come at runtime

          and in send port for file the filter cannot be given *.* we have to give *.zip,*.txt etc

          but for receive port *.* can be given

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            You do not really need any Orchestration for this.
            You could just use BizTalk messaging.

            Create a Receive Port using the File adapter to pick up your file using *.txt, *.xml, *.*, anything. Make sure you use the Pass Through Pipeline.
            Then, create a Send Port using the File adapter and Pass Through Pipeline. Create a Filer on the Send Port using BTS.ReceivedPortName = your_port_name.

            That should do it.

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