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      You’re right .. you can only use the Microsoft.RulesEngine.dll on a machine with the RulesEngineUpdateService installed. Technically there can be ways around that, but from a licensing standpoint, it’s not practical to pay for a BizTalk license for each user of your Windows application! The most common way to expose the Rules Engine to smart clients is via web service wrapper. Wrap up your rule(s) as a service(s) and simply call those services, leaving the rules processing for the box with the rules engine installed.

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        i have develop a simple windows application that call biztalk rules engine. But i can only execute on the biztalk server.
        If it’s run on my post, i have the message : \”impossible to connect\”
        What i must doing to execute on a client post, and call biztalk rules engine from the server biztalk??
        thanks a lot

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      do you have some exemples? i can not serialize policy class because this class have not constructor without parameters.

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