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      I am using Biztalk Server 2006 to retrieve some data from the database and send the data out to a third party in a flat file format. I only want the data to be sent once a day and only after a seprate process (on the database) has completed. If the data does not get sent by a particular time (ie the separate process does not complete) I’d like to send a warning message to the support team.

      We call a stored procedure from the SQL Adaptor that retrieves the data and stores a successful run flag in the database to signify that the data has been sent. The same stored procedure uses Raiserror to get Biztalk to log a warning message in the event log if it has not run successfully by a particular time. However, the SQL Adaptor seems to rollback what the stored procedure has written when it comes across the ‘Warning’ so the error gets written all day long after the time threshold. I’ve tried reducing the severity of the error to 10 but this doesn’t appear to be logged by Biztalk.

      Does anyone have any alternatives please!


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      Check out the ScheduledTask adapter on GotDotNet:

      This will enable you to do the error check once per day.

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