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      I am converting files from EDI to xml format. Since this was throwing errors I am just workin on the example found in htttp:// I have followed all the steps accurately and still the error persist. It would be great if someone could post a solution for the same.
      Error Message in the Even Viewer:
      Error encountered: ERROR (41), interchangenr 10003 :
      The sender of the document is not recognized. Contact the system administrator.
      sender: [][] [7654321][ZZ][7654321], (msgnr:0 segnr:0)(line:3 pos:40 filepos:445)
      Error Message from HAT:
      While i run the Query under EDI Reports Recieve Messages
      Error Code: 41
      Error Description: The sender of the document is not recognized. please contact the System Administrator.


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      1) Make sure both partners have been added (Contoso and Northwind Traders)
      2) Make sure that you have associated one of the partners with the EDI send adapter (Use Biztalk EDI admin tool)
      3) At one time you couldn’t send a document via the EDI send unless you also had a EDI receive port configured with the same EDI partner as who you were sending to. This may have been fixed with SP1…

Viewing 1 reply thread
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