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      Mij application has a schema, and in my schema i defined some Promoted Properties.

      I have the following code:

      Message1 = rcv_Message;
      Message1 (*) = rcv_Message(*);
      Message1 (Biztalk.Testapplication.Schemas.WF_TotalStatus) = 3;
      Message1 (Biztalk.Testapplication.Schemas.WF_ParalellStatus) = 311;

      When i now submit the Message1, only WF_TotalStatus is changed in the new value, WF_ParalellStatus is not changed. Why is biztalk not changing both values. In the future i want to edit more values/properties.


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      Yes, i’m using this properties in Correlation Sets. It’s the state of the infopath form.

      So a Distinguised field is not possible.

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        Are you routing on these fields, or just programming against them in an orchestration? Unless you’re routing, use distinguished fields, not promoted properties.

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