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      Hi, I am processing a flat file. Right now, we read the incoming file and send one outgoing XML message to the send port for each record on the file.

      How do I send the whole file as one message? I have the target schema designed so that there would be many child nodes, one for each incoming record. I just am not sure how to have BT dump the whole file into the child nodes of the outging XML.

      Any suggestions?


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      Thanks, Stephen. I have made the change and I encounter an error – that no matching subscription is found….The send port is using a WSE adapter… We had made changes to it to accomodate the new schema…

      I will debug through that later as I am on vacation 🙂 (Guess I can’t stay away… )

      Thanks again for your help.

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        You control this in your schema. You need to define your base record node as 1 to many. Then, you will get the whole file out.

        This video might help you out:

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