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      Hiyas. I have been googling the phrase \”Delivered, not consumed\” for quite awhile and still don’t understand what Biztalk is trying to tell me when I see this message in HAT.

      Is it a failure of the the adapter? If so, is there any way I can get more specific information on what the problem is? I have seen lots of discussions of this error in the context of MSMQ and SQL adapters, but haven’t run across any discussions related to the particular adapter I am using (Sharepoint adapter – WSSLIB2)

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      Well, part of the problem is you can get that error for many different reasons.

      That Delivered, not consumed means is that the message was successfully routed to the adapter but the adapter hasn’t done anything with it yet.

      So, why hasn’t the adapter done anything with it? Well, easiest reason is that the host the adapter is running under isn’t started. Start up the adapter and all the messages should get processes.

      Other reasons are too much load on the system. i.e. they just haven’t gotten processed yet. Or some type of adapter error.

      If I remember correctly, in the Sharepoint Adapter you’ll get that error a lot for adaptor related errors. I would guess you have some configuration error – many in the file name. I was trying to use %MessageID% and I think I got that error (guess you have to use %GUID%).

      Hope this helps.

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