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      If I remember correctly, I think there is a problem with the Delay shape inside a Listen if you set a variable for the time. Or something like that. You might want o check on delays that are working and make sure they are the same.

      I’m not sure if having a scope on the Receive Shapes will do you much – but probably not causing a problems.

      You seem to have a lot of scopes. Are any Atomic? Those can mess up Timeouts.

      That’s about all I can think off the top of my head.

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        Im facing a problem with delay in orchestrations.
        Im building the solution that has a backbone orchestration calling a few other orcs in parallel.
        Now each orc called has a orc level scope and a scope enclosing my send receive shapes i.e two scopes.
        In the inner scope i have a listen branch with two receive and a delay.
        I set the delay parameter after the message has been sent and just before the listen brach.On a timeout i have to re-send the message.
        But im am experiencing a weird behaviour.
        The first time i start the biztalk service there is an immediate timeout i.e no wait irespective of the timeout value.
        On subsequent runs i do get a timeout but not an exact one.It timeouts out before the specified timeout or the orc just dehydrates.
        I have tried solutions like hard coding the time out value changing the transaction type of the orc to LONG Running but nothing seems to work.
        This is a serious problem and will appreciate any responses from your side.
        In case the solution is too descriptive to be posted kindly mail it to
        Will appreacite any kind of help.

        Thanks And Regards,

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          Hi All,
          we have fixed the problem by installing he biztalk service pack -1
          this service pack renders to fixing the delay problem.
          i thank all for atleast viewing the problem.

          Thanks a lot…… 😆

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      Thanks Stephen,

      We have tried hard coding the value of the delay without any success.
      Also the scopes are for highly granular exception handling none of them are atomic or even long running.
      Am i violating the biztalk standards by using delay in multiple orcs called simultaneouly from the backbone orc.Cause i see the backbone orc to be dehydrated as whole when the orc is giving such weird behaviour.

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