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      I have a file containing several SWIFT MT940 messages. The messages are appended one after another separated by a single CRLF.

      Does anyone have any ideas how these can be separated using the BizTalk 2004 Accelerator for Swift (A4SWIFT 2.1)? I am using a pipeline with the SWIFT DASM. I can get it to work if the swift messages are separated by $CRLF (using the $ as the tag identifier).

      The problem really comes down to how can I define the schema for a message trailer to pick out the CRLF only? The SWIFT messages themselves contain CRLF.


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      I don’t have any experience with SWIFT so helpfully someone else can help you out more then I can.

      One thing I might suggest is to create a higher level envelope schema to try to break it apart. Don’t know if that would work though.

      Hope this helps.

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