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      Have you checked the tracking configuration for the orchestrations in HAT?
      Check these agains a box that’s workiong OK.



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      I just have one non-ISO host now. We thought about removing the tracking and re-adding it, but you cannot remove it when it is the only Host.


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        I had seen this before. I think it was the host that runs tracking was not turned on.

        I also had the SQL Agent jobs error and not start back up again.

        See if that helps.

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          It sure sounds like a host not running problem to me. Do you have a Host now that is the tracking host?

          I think it’s just the same service. It runs inside the “Track Host” when it is running.

          You probably have to have the tracking host running during the process to collect the tracking data. So, say you ran for 3 days without the host running you will probably not get any data from that when you start the host up. Just a guess though.

          Over the years, I have seen so many tracking / HAT problems just like this. I have yet to really understand it.

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            Kind of a pain.

            Did you ever get this working?

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              One of my clients machines has a \”dead HAT\”. We run orchestrations, and run the \”Most Recnet 100 Service Instances\” in HAT, and we have seen anything since about Oct 20th.

              We queried the database directly, and it too appears empty. The orchestrations are running fine, the database doesn’t seem to be full, there are no messages in event log.

              Any suggestions on where to look next?

              Neal Walters

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                1. We checked HAT Configuration/Orchestrations and Inbound/outbound message bodies are not checked, but this is the same as other systems where HAT is working.

                2. I did create a separate processing host as a demo. Yesterday I deleted that host, and now when I do \”Query/Most recent 100 service instances\” at least I am seeing the Service/Type=Orchestrations, i.e. one line for each orchestration. I still don’t see the file receive or send messages.

                3. If I right-click \”Orch Debugger\” on any orch, it says:
                No information was found for this service instance in the tracking database. This can occur when orchestration tracking is not enabled, or because the TDDS service has not yet moved the data from the Message from the message box.

                Is the TTDS service separate from Biztalk, if so what is the service name?

                All SQL Agent jobs for Biztalk have been running on a regular basis.

                Neal Walters

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                  No, the client was going to try re-install, I’m leaving it in his hands.


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