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      I am receiving an XML message with an element that has a schema data type of \”xs:DateTime\”.

      When I display using our debug facility, I specify something like this:

      message = \”date=\” & System.Convert.ToString(msgin.DateRequested);

      The message displays a perfect time but 7 hours earlier (we are in Mountain Standard Time), so obviously it’s showing me the date in GMT.

      I have tried displaying System.TimeZone.CurrentTimeZone.StandardName and it shows Mountain Time. This seems to be the region settings of the userid that is running the Biztalk Host.

      Any ideas are appreciated. I was thinking about trying to set the culture or using the TimeZone class, but I’m not sure it will fix. Also, if I run the same code with the same date/time in regular C# it works normally, for example:

      string strDate = \”2006-03-01T11:31:25.1406250-07:00\”;
      DateTime date1 =
      System.Console.WriteLine(\”date=\” + date1);

      string showDate1 = System.Convert.ToString(date1);
      // I think Biztalk is treating Date/Time
      // element as DateTime type

      System.Console.WriteLine(\”showDate1=\” + showDate1);
      string showDate2 = System.Convert.ToString(strDate);

      System.Console.WriteLine(\”showDate2=\” + showDate2);

      Neal Walters

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