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      when all else fails, feed the result into the *Uppercase* functoid before passing it along. this is located under the strings tab in your toolbox

      but, it would seem like the solutions that youve tried should work. Im not 100% but i will do some investigation and try to post back

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      I take that back, the database lookup functoid does nothing more than return a record set from your table based on a lookup value (primary key for example).
      I figured there would be some way of manipulating the output through the value extractor functoid in the second half of the operation but i was wrong.
      you must take the output from the value extractor and feed it to the uppercase functoid.

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        How can I return an uppcase value, last name for example, using the database lookup functoid? I’ve tried preceeding the the column name parameter with upper and toupper with no success.


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          That was my first thought too. Problem is, I’m not getting anything returned to extract. I need to match on last_name so if the incoming data is ‘SALAZAR’ it does not equal ‘Salazar’ therfore no value from the db, Oracle BTW. What I need is to do simulate \”select (*) from customer where upper(last_name) = ‘SALAZAR’\”.


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