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      I have created custom functoid to insert values into database table using C# code. In the class file I do database connectivity.
      But I wanted to know how I can connect and open the database at a one time instead of connecting and opening at each time in the operation in map. That is connect and open the database while the process is executing itself, it can be open only once and after the target transformation is done, closes and disconnects.

      Does any one have a solution


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      I don’t know the answer to your question, but it raises the question as to whether the map is the best place to put this kind of logic.

      Neal Walters

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        That is the doubt even I have. But Can databse connectivity be done at orchestration level? If so how to do that?


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          You can make database calls inside the Orchestration.

          I think .net has its own connection pooling so even if you had 20 maps or Orchestrations running you would not see 20 database connections.

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