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      Hey, I’ve just posted this message into BTS2004 forums, but as it applies to both forums, I’m posting it here too, if I shouldn’t do this please don’t hesitate to tell me 🙂 Thanks!

      [quote:cb238c8a06]Adapter development lacks one basic thing… Having samples around is good, of course, but what about tutorials? I’d found a couple of nice documents about how to develop my own adapter, but I find it really hard to start, as I don’t know how to 🙁 I mean, I open the BaseAdapter project for example, I see dozens of files and I just don’t get how everything fits together. Same case with the different samples, many files and very few comments make everything quite confusing.

      I’d read Biztalk help, \”Writing Effective BizTalk Server Adapters\” & \”Microsoft Biztalk 2004 Adapters: A Developer’s Guide\” yet I find myself nowhere closer to being able to start developing.

      Another problem is that I hadn’t found any documentation about changes between developing adapters for 2004 and 2006, so I don’t know if what I end up writing based on 2004 information around the net will work on my 2006 Beta2 server.

      Can anyone help me getting started?

      Thanks a lot![/quote:cb238c8a06]

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      I can not help you on the adapter side, but from what I understand the Adapter Framework (if you will) is different and easier in BizTalk 2006.

      I hope Microsoft will provide some details on this.

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