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      Hey guys,
      Here is the issue I am facing. I have an orchestration that receives an xml file. The business requirement just changed where my orchestration should wait on a companion text file before it processes.

      So, I get c.xml first and after sometime I will get c.txt. The file c.xml contains information about where c.txt needs to be routed to. What is the best way to implement this.

      Thanks in advance

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      Ok, there has been a change. Here’s what I need to implement now.

      1. I receive an XML Message such as:


      2. I extract the <Data> element, assemble it into a flat file(based on a schema), and send it to a drop location.

      3. Someone will manually need to modify this file text file and send it back to my orchestration.

      4. I then need to send it to the location in <Destination>

      Do I need to use a convoy or just correlation? How can I correlate on a filename?


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        Thanks for the response. I am attempting to correlate by ReceivedFileName but it appears that BTS.ReceivedFileName returns the entire file path. Is there a way to change this message context to just the filename w/o the path?

        I am not able to use anything in the message for correlation that’s why I am looking into the ReceivedFileName.


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          Thanks. I was able to accomplish that by stripping FILE.ReceivedFileName in a custom pipeline component and promoting it as well. Works like a charm now.

          If anyone else is looking to do the same thing, this blog site has good info on how to do just that (Look towards the end of the page)

          Thanks again

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            Sounds like you need a Correlation. Convoys are used in scenarios when you don’t have the Send Shape (to greatly simplify what a convoy is).

            You can initialize your correction on the Send based on something inside the message or Received File Name. Then, use a Receive and a file drop in a different location to pick up the message. When someone updates the file, just have them move it to the new location.

            Hope this helps.

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              One option is to create a simple pipeline component that reads the BTS.ReceivedFileName strips off the header and promotes just the filename into your own property. You should be able to correlate on your new property

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