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      Can you explain a bit more about the message flow.
      You say the first orchestration \”calls\” the second, is this a Call Shape, Start Shape or directly bound send port?
      Why do you have two orchestrations – can you have the solicit response port on the first?
      What is the first orchestration waiting for?

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      A correlation set is used to match an incoming message with a particular instance of an orchestration.
      What is it about the *.txt file that will match to this particular orchestration instance.
      When is the file created, The file receive adapter will read the file and publish to the message box, if your orchestration instance is not already waiting to receive this message you will get a routing failure.

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        I have a little question. I have 2 orchestrations. The first one calls the second. In the 2nd orchestration, there is a solicit / response port.
        After the second is called, the first one moves on to the next receive port.
        But on this receive port, my orchestration stops and it is waiting for something.

        My question is, where do I have to make correlation sets? In the first orchestration or the second orchestration?


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          first orchestration:

          I have a receive port (request/response) that receives a purchase from a website using SOAP. The response is sent back to the website.

          Then I call the second orchestration. In the second orchestration, I map the purchase to a order and sent (request/response) it to the ordersystem (webservice) using a WebportType.

          The reponse from the webservice is mapped to a responseOrder but in the schema I use only a status field which can have \”ACK\” or \”NAK\”. The order details aren’t added to the response schema.

          Then I leave the second orchestration and it moves on with the first one.

          On the first orchestration, I have a receive port which receives .*txt files.

          When I’m try to build, I get the following message:

          you must specify at least one already-initialized correlation set for a non-activation receive that is on a non-selfcorrelating port
          So I thaught I needed correlation. That’s the story


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            When I’m at home, I will post the images because I can’t use fpt on my work


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              I’ve used one orchestration instead of two. Let’s see of the darn thing will work 🙂

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