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      Hi all,

      I have the scenario where I have at least 17 suppliers of data, sometimes flat file, some in xml and some in other formats entirely. What I would like to do is transform all these formats into one format which I can then send through the process.

      I assume I have to define a schema for each and every source, that’s cool I got that sorted.

      Now how do I convert all these various messages into a single schema?

      Do I have to create an orchestration for each and every input schema to call do a transform through a map into the format I want?

      What is the best practise for doing this in biztalk 2004?

      I would really appreciate guidance and direction on this one …

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      You will need a schema for each of the inbound data suppliers and one for your base message.
      Then, you will need a map for each one.

      You do not necessary need an Orchestration for each one, you can map on the Receive Port. This would be a type of document normalization. Downside is exception handling can be difficult if you expect maps to fail or document to be received in poor format. If this is the case, you can still have one Orchestration that processes all the messages using untyped documents and dynamic maps.

      If you didn’t really worry about error on the receive side, I would probably map on the receive port. This way, you would have one port per supplier and put a map on each port.

      Hope this helps.

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