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      Hello I am new to BizTalk 2004. I am wondering if someone can reply with a link or an example of how I can conert a flat file to XML then insert the data into a sql table.
      In the simplest form my flat file looks like: for this example we will say it a comma delitmited file

      Definition —Owner,Animal, Age
      Bob, Horse, 3
      Dave, Dog, 7
      Debra, Lion, 5

      Thank You

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      I am not clear about your exact requirment.
      In Sql Server If you already have the table where you want to transfer the data than you can create two scheam one for flat file and other for xml file having structure similar to sql server.
      Afterward you can use mapping to convert the data from flat file to xml.
      Once data is convert available then you can use the Sql Adapter to transfer the data to sql server.
      Basically you need to understand the three features:
      Creating Schema
      Orchestration or messaging: To create the output file.

      You can find many example about this on MSDN or I will suggest you the book BizTalk Server 2004 Unleashed by Samps Publication.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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