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      Hi Guys,

      I am facing trouble consuming a webservice. It comes up with an error saying

      \”There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: \”Microsoft.Biztalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive\” Source: \”XML disassembler\”
      Reason: Loading document specification <Lab1.Lab1Schema> from assembly <Lab1, Version=, culture=neutral, etc failed. Verify that the schema is deplayed properly and that the schema assembly implements the document spec. \”

      If needed i can send the project. I will be very thankful if someone please help me out from this problem.

      Shaik Nagul

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      Hi Carlos,

      Thanks for the reply.
      It was the problem of deployment from biztalk client.
      I deployed the assembly manually using deployment wizard on biztalk and it works.

      So once again thanks.


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        have you installed the BTS 2004 SP 1 ? this is a knows issue in BTS 2004 that has been resolved in BTS 2004 SP 1, and occur when you have deployed more than one version of the same schema assembly….

        you can check this [url],guid,cfa8a62a-af33-44b8-a40e-ede8d1b2867c.aspxl[/url]

        also you can check that the scema assembly has registered in GAC… and all schemas related with it….

        if this can not help you, pls send me your project… I can test it…


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