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      How can I consume a message (remove it from receive port, and stop processing) in a custom Decode pipeline component? We have a component that decrypts a PGP flat file. If the FF was 0 bytes before encrypting, I end up with a 0 byte stream and my flat file disassembler doesn’t know what to do with it (None of the disassembler components could recognize a data).

      Or, is there a better way to handle this?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.


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        I had tried setting the message’s BodyPart.Data to null, but not the entire returned message. Initial testing points to setting the entire message to null successfully consumes the message within the custom component.

        Thanks Greg! I’ll continue testing to see if this does infact fix our problem.


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      From the documentation
      [quote:389f18c66d]A general pipeline component gets one message from the BizTalk Messaging Engine, processes it, and returns it to the BizTalk Server engine. General components can also be implemented so that they do not return messages to the server. Such components are called consuming components because the component receives messages but does not produce any result messages.[/quote:389f18c66d]

      Pity they don’t explain how this is done.
      Have you tried returning a null message from the Execute method if the message length = 0

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