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      I am attempting to configure a BizTalk 2004 Server on a Windows 2003 Server. this server connects to a remote SQL Server installed on a Windows 2000 Server.

      The configuration fails on what appears to be the last step. The databases are created at this point. The error that I get back is \”An error was encountered in executing the SQL statement on database TPM Server MyServer. Detail: Windows NT user or group ‘NT AUTHORITY\\NETWORK SERVICE’ not found. Check the name again.\”

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      Here’s the fix I found and it worked for me:

      The issue is due to the application pool configuration. For this please
      create a new application pool in Windows 2003 server named XYZ ( or whatever
      name you want ). Then assign a user name/pwd for this application pool
      context and make that user to be under the group of both Biztalk application
      users/isolated users. Then the web service you are exposting should execute
      under this application pool context. for this go to IIS and right click the
      web service directory and click properties. Under the directory tab select
      the application pool you created. Then restart the box and test it again.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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