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      I got this error when clicking on configframework.exe
      \”Failed to load configuration data for feature: RulesEngine\” error message.

      I tried looking at the log file and it has this error

      [9:47:59 PM Error RuleEngineConfig] c:\\depot4000\\jupiter\\source\\private\\mozart\\source\\engine\\rules\\configfwkext\\extension\\ruleengineconfig.cpp(1392): FAILED hr = c0c025ca

      [9:47:59 PM Error RuleEngineConfig] BizTalk Server cannot access SQL server. This could be due to one of the following reasons:
      1. Access permissions have been denied to the current user. Either log on as a user that has been granted permissions to SQL and try again, or grant the current user permission to access SQL Server.
      2. The SQL Server does not exist or an invalid database name has been specified. Check the name entered for the SQL Server and database to make sure they are correct as provided during SQL Server installation.
      3. The SQL Server exists, but is not currently running. Use the Windows Service Control Manager or SQL Enterprise Manager to start SQL Server, and try again.
      4. A SQL database file with the same name as the specified database already exists in the Microsoft SQL Server data folder.

      Internal error from OLEDB provider: \”Login failed for user ‘(null)’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.\”
      [9:47:59 PM Error RuleEngineConfig] c:\\depot4000\\jupiter\\source\\private\\mozart\\source\\engine\\rules\\configfwkext\\extension\\ruleengineconfig.cpp(172): FAILED hr = c0c025ca

      [9:47:59 PM Info RuleEngineConfig] Leaving function: CRuleEngineConfig::GetFeatureConfig
      [9:48:01 PM Info ConfigFramework] Showing MessageBox with text: Failed to load configuration data for feature: RulesEngine. Please see the log file for more details. Return Code: 1
      [9:48:01 PM Error ConfigFramework] c:\\depot4000\\jupiter\\source\\private\\common\\configwizard\\exe\\jupiterconfigtool.cpp(258): FAILED hr = c0c025ca

      [9:48:01 PM Error ConfigFramework] c:\\depot4000\\jupiter\\source\\private\\common\\configwizard\\exe\\jupiterconfigtool.cpp(1962): FAILED hr = c0c025ca

      It seems that it can’t login with the name null…

      Please help me with this 😥


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      Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for the quick reply.

      I realized in the registry that MgmtDBServer was pointing to the wrong machine so I changed it to the right machine but then I got this new error log

      Internal error from OLEDB provider: \”Cannot open database requested in login ‘BizTalkMgmtDb’. Login fails.\”

      I have looked at this site:

      This tells me to run configFramework /u first before deleting the databases and that is what I did. But how come I am still having this problem? How can I solve this?


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        I’ve found the solution

        Check the entries in your registry under the Software\\Microsoft\\BizTalk Server\\3.0\\Administration

        Check if you have any entries for MgmtDBName, MgmtDBServer,
        BizTalkGroupName, BizTalkAdminNTGroup

        If there are entries for the above keys, please delete them and run
        configframework again.


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          Let me see, I know I had that one before.

          Check to make sure the database you are trying to create doesn’t already exist. Then, check to make sure your user has write permissions to the Windows / Temp directory.

          If all else fails, do a Google on that error message and see if you can find something else.

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            Not real sure.

            Might want to make sure your user id as an SA to SQL and make sure you are a local admin. Make sure SQLs running too. Is it local?

            Every time your re-run the configuration make sure you run the un-configure first and if any databases got created make sure they are removed.

            BizTalk 2004 has taken me up to a week to install in the past. No real reason. I’m sure there is a random number generator in the setup to throw random errors.

            On a plus note BizTalk 2006 is much easier to install.

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          All I had to was go to Biztalk Application Console and start the BiztalkserverApplication.


          Try it out.

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