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      Can you tell me how do I expose a collection in a schema?

      I have web service which has the following:

      Public HD.Data.MyObjectsCollection _Mycoll;

      When I refer to this webservice in my biztalk projectit shows the following error in reference.xsd :

      E:\\dipesh\\HCD.BizTalk.Queue.Tasks\\Web References\\JobRequestWebService\\Reference.xsd Node \”<Schema>\” – Schema reference \”\” is not a valid reference or does not exist in the current project.

      How do I represents collections in schemas?

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      As far as I know the web service calls in BizTalk do not support collections and arrays.

      I have heard the WSE 2.0 Adapter does support Arrays, but I have not tried it.

      In cases that I have needed something like this, I have written a little .net helper that calls the web service and serializes my schema as I needed it.

      Hope this helps.

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