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      My orchestration was receiveing a flatfile and processing it. I continually received an error and could never figure out what it was until I realised that there was an invisible carriage return at the end of the document. I went to the end and deleted it and reprocessed the document and it worked fine.
      My question is – is there a way to check for and remove these invisible carriage returns at the end of documents?
      (Or handle them in Biztalk somehow)


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      The .xsd file describing the text file has a node for the whole document and one for each row.

      The document level node needs to have ‘Child Order’ set to ‘postfix’

      Even though the ‘commas’ in the actual row are ‘infix’ the document level node is asking where the ‘carriage returns’ (0x0D 0x0A) are in the document and they are postfix – so when this was changed it worked!


Viewing 1 reply thread
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