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      We have created an orchstration and use SQl adapter in it. The SQL adapter is added through Visual studio .NET. So the database connection and stored procedure selection is given at the time of adapter insertion.

      Now we want to deploy this project soluction on client side but we don’t know database server name at that side. So how can we deploy this soluction on client side? Or we have to create new orchestration there with SQL adapter? Is there any facility to give database connection to SQL adapter at later stage?


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      You can use a binding file and assign the database name to the adapter at runtime. You can check out SDK’s given by microsoft to know how to create such binding files.

      There are special tags to be specified to assign db names to adapters.

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        Hi Dipesh,

        Thank you for reply.

        I have seen that binding file and realize that, the binding files are created by some utility. Because in binding file all the information related to project is stored. But don’t know how to create it?

        You have any idea about how to create that binding file? Please guide me about how to create it.

        Thank you


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