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      Okay, I have a real basic question.

      I’m looking at the SampleLoan app from the 2004 SDK, then I made my own app. In the SampleLoan app, the \”Call Rule\” shape has parameters, and you can click to add new ones.

      But in my sample app, my \”Call Rule\” shape has no parameters whether I use my policy or the SampleLoan policy.

      So what determines the option of whether or not their are parameters? Is this somehwere in the rule policy?

      Second question – can I pass 3 messages to the same policy?

      Third question – does the policy automatically see all messages – or you have to send each one as a parm?


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      Even more strange to me – when I make a reference to the SampleLoan.dll (in my test application), and add a message referencing the loan schema, then all of a sudden, I see paramters in my call shape, for both my policy and the loan policy. If I delete the loan message, the ability to add parameters in the \”Call rule\” shape disappear.

      This doesn’t make any sense to me.

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