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      Hello All

      I am creating a business rule and I need to check the following.

      1] Does the incoming XML document have data in the predetermined field.
      i.e it is not blank. Now I tried the ‘exists’ predicate but the tag actually exists it’s just empty – if it is empty then it needs to fire a rule.

      2] In some of the fields the data has to be either an integer or a string – what predicate can I use to determine if the data is char or int?


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      1. I set a rule that had an ‘OR’ then 2 ‘EQUAL’ predicates.
      The second argument of each EQUAL is set by right clicking and selecting ‘BLANK STRING’ and ‘NULL’.

      2. I used a ‘Regular expression’ to exclude any values not in 0-9 or has to include A-Z !@#$^&*() etc To do this I used a ‘MATCH’ expression.

      Hey it worked for me.


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        1. See if the value is not equal to \”\”.
        -I don’t remember exactly which one to do but I’ve seen this before
        2. Not sure if you can do this. I think you can do some stuff with .net classes so maybe try something with that?

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