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      OK I have business rules working – great!
      But now I want to extend it. All my incoming data is in String format and so I cannot do any arithmetic against it. And since I have no idea about how to cast values in the rules composer I have decided to write my own .NET C# class and call it from the rules editor.

      But where and how to start?

      Any help will be appreciated. Something basic and from teh very beginning.


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      Hi JMan,

      I was a little lost writing my first Business Rules .net class and implementing the IFactRetriever interface – but I found a great sample on this very site that helped me get started.

      Basically you have to create your class(es) and then a fact retrievier class that implements the IFactRetriever interface so the Business Rules Engine can access the data in your class. You won’t need the interface when you move the business rules into your orchestration. I read descriptions like this many times and still didn’t understand what to do until I saw this sample. Hope this helps!


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        Well, fact retriever isn’t required. All you do is use any .NET component, make sure you’re working with public classes and methods, and then reference that assembly as a fact in the composer. Then simply call your method or set your properties. When you call that rule, you are passing in an instance of that class, and you’ll get back a potentially modified instance. I often end up with a library of random helper methods (convert string to date, etc) that are reused. The Fact Retriever comes into play when you want to cache data access (for instance, a database query) instead of incurring the database hit each time.

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