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      I have used SQL adapter in my orchestration to insert value in database tables and return some values from database tables.

      For that purpose we have used SQL adapter of Type Request-Response which return xml schema having number of repeating child nodes in it.

      I want break this XML schema so that each child node can be used separately.

      Already i have used Atomic Scope shape and Loop shape to break message. In the Expression box of Scope firstly XML is loaded. & then by using SelectNode() given a Xpath of Root node having Repeating Child nodes in it.

      Finally it’s output is given to File but i am unable get any output.

      How To get output in File Format? How to exactly break messge coming as response of SQL adapter?

      Thanks in advanced.

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      Schema of Response of SQL adapter is as follows.

      ITD_IDEA //—–Root Node 1
      -UT //—– Node 2

      – OT //—– Node 3
      -OrderID // —- Child 1
      -Status // —- Child 2
      -Mail // —- Child 3

      Out of this mail is child element which is repeated number of times.
      Also i have created another XML schema as:

      <Schema> //—–Root Node
      Record //—– Node 1
      Repeated //—– Node 2
      OrderID // —- Child 1
      Status // —- Child 3
      Mail // —- Child 3

      Expression Box present in Atomic Shape consist of code as:

      xmlDoc = ITD_IDEA_Resp.Parameters;
      xmlNodeList= xmlDoc.SelectNodes(\”//*[local-name() =’ut’ ] \”);
      Enum = xmlNodeList.GetEnumarator();

      It gives me error for Xpath given in Expression box.
      How i can resolve this Problem?

      Thanks in advance.

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        Is it possible to show us the code in the expression shape and an example of a message you are trying to split.

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