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      I would like to have the descriptions of the tables in the database BiztalkDTADb… especially dta_DebugTrace…

      this tables doesn’t stop growing, it’s getting huge!!!… any ways to stop this?



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      I learned about this table when using a free tool called Orchestration Profiler (which does \”Code Coverage\” for orchestrations). That utility was giving us SQL Connection Timeout because scanning this table was happening in the default Timeout connection in .NET of 30 seconds.

      This table contains the start/stop time of every shape of every orchestration (since time immemorial).

      This SQL will show you the history of your dta_DebugTrace table (it might take a while to run):

      [code:1:4ddb31865c]select datepart(year,dtTimeStamp),
      count(*) as ‘rowcount’
      from dta_DebugTrace
      group by datepart(year,dtTimeStamp), datepart(month,dtTimeStamp)
      order by datepart(year,dtTimeStamp), datepart(month,dtTimeStamp) [/code:1:4ddb31865c]

      The above will show you how many records you have per year/month.
      Probably you don’t need anything prior to 15 days ago.

      Then to cleanup/delete
      [code:1:4ddb31865c]select * from dta_DebugTrace where dtTimeStamp < ‘2006-01-01′[/code:1:4ddb31865c]
      Verify first, then change the \”Select * from\” to \”Delete\”.

      The question is do you need any of this history, or want to archive it first?

      There are some purge/cleanup jobs provide in Biztalk SDK/Samples that might also address this.

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        I believe that dta_debug holds records related to supporting orchestration debugging. if you don’t need to debug your live system (using the HAT orchestration debugging facilities), you can disable this on a per-orchestration basis from HAT. I don’t remember the exact location right now (don;t have a machine with BTS04 I can test right now off hand), but it shouldn’t be hard to find.

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